Blogging? Planning to blog? Consider Thesis and WordPress

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Already blogging? Planning to start a blog? I would seriously urge you to consider the WordPress platform. You can either have WordPress host it or have your own domain and host it through a web hosting service. If you are planning to go for the latter, there are several great free themes and customization options available. But if you want your site to look professional, look good and a cut above the rest, I would strongly recommend that you purchase the Thesis theme. At $87, it is on the higher side of premium WordPress themes. But one thing I can vouch for is that Thesis allows for customization that is unmatched by other premium themes.


I have toyed around with WordPress themes in all permutations and combinations – free themes, 2-column themes, 3-column themes, premium themes, the works – but I am fully satisfied only with Thesis. You can: choose the font you want for your header, content area, navigation menu; choose to have a multimedia box and control what to put in it – video, picture or ad code; display a 1, 2 or 3-column layout and specify their widths; go for a conventional bog format or magazine format and much, much more. For someone who doesn’t know code, most of the customization options is a matter of checking a box and anything to do with codes and HTML is almost spoon-fed. The support forums are also of great help, helping you along with CSS and nifty tips. So, check out Thesis by clicking on the banner below – it will be the best $87 you spent on blogging.

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    • Absolutely. Can also choose which category posts to display in sidebar and much more. It may look too plain for a premium theme but puts a lot in your control.

  1. Looks interesting. But at $87 toda sochna padega, do I really need it.

    Plus, I may just wait for that first cheque from Google Adsense.

    • May you be blessed with a fat cheque from Adsense. And may you click the Thesis banner above and buy it so that I get my affiliate cheque:)

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