Why I keep coming back to Thesis theme for WordPress

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When it comes to personal blogging, I get the feeling that its just a handful who are serious about it. Most of my friends – erstwhile bloggers all, have moved on to social media as forms of personal expression. It’s easier compared to the troubles associated with blogging perhaps. The ‘troubles’ being choice of blogging platform, the theme, content creation, maintenance and so on.

For me, the theme was the most difficult choice. I think I have an eye for good design so I avoided most of the cookie cutter blogging themes. After much trial and error, I settled on Thesis theme for WordPress. At $69 it was truly premium. The initial versions of Thesis called for a lot of coding skills for customization. The latest version has ‘automated’ most of the customization tweaks making it a cinch to use.

And then I stumbled upon Sight, a free WordPress theme created by WPShower. The featured posts slider, the rich look of the theme was pure eye candy.

While it is a great looking theme and scored high on functionality too, I felt there was something missing. Whether it was the way comments were displayed or how Recent Comments showed up in the sidebar…there was something slightly inelegant about it. Not to mention the lack of forum support on tweaks & tutorials. While I switched over to Sight for a few days, deep down I wasn’t happy. Its the overall classy, elegant look & feel of Thesis I was longing for. So I am back.

What makes Thesis tick? The immense possibilities in customization, great tutorials, attention to detail, elegant & classy looks, Support Forums, easy SEO tools and many more. So if you are serious about blogging, do consider Thesis.

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  1. you keep inspiring me to keep the work on my personal blog. just moved to a new theme, still tweaking around a bit. and hopefully have a couple of drafts ready to post.

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