Network 18 ‘Red Tag’: tagging a corporate brand

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A common theme across corporate brand advertising, especially from companies whose products have a ‘behind the scenes’ quality about them is: ‘we touch your lives in more ways than you can imagine’. Network 18, the media & entertainment conglomerate has created an ad with a similar approach. The attempt seems to be showcase the various popular brands that the corporate brand has in its portfolio.

The film is made by Dibakar Banerjee. Agency: Grey

While corporate brands like SAIL have also attempted to tell a similar story, what works in this case is the intrigue built up with the red tags and the revelation of the corporate brand towards the end. Also the individual brands themselves are showcased subtly and not ‘in your face’. For a lot of us, including me it also evokes the ‘Oh, I didn’t know Network 18 was behind this brand’ kind of reaction, which I guess is the real response sought. You like?

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