It is quite uncommon to see well-written, long copy print ads in today’s advertising. There are several reasons contributing to this situation. Visual driven communication dominates static advertising. We are all time poor nowadays thanks to the increase in media clutter. There are far too many things vying for our attention and we can only consume so much. So, telegraphic messages which drive home a point in quick time are the order of the day.

Fastrack has been doing some great work over the years across media (kudos to Lowe Lintas). A lot of the work felt right in terms of the insight, while some of the creative executions (e.g. ‘Move On’) may have riled many. I was surprised to see that the account has moved to L&K Saatchi, who have created a new outdoor campaign. The ads are edgy like before and sure enough, was debated on (where else?), Twitter. Here’s why I like the work.