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LEGO: creativity forgives everything – memorable creative


This is brilliant stuff for LEGO. For anyone who has owned and loved LEGO, this strikes a chord. While we condition our kids to follow the instructions and create a structure as outlined in the booklet (that too is satisfying in its own way), they have other ideas. Literally. And for those not yet initiated into the world of LEGO (how could you?) it makes it attractive by dramatizing the creative...

Of being in advertising and fighting the good fight


A recent speech by the Indian ad legend, Mohammed Khan caught the fancy of many ad folks, going by the number of social shares it got. The feeling I got was that the ex-ad folk were sharing it to almost re-affirm their own decision of quitting advertising. Reading between the lines, the messages I received were : ‘see how bad the business is now’, ‘I am so wise to have gotten...

@BETCParis takes a big leap for @Lacoste: Life is a Beautiful Sport


In 1923, on a stroll through the streets of Boston, René Lacoste bet a crocodile-skin suitcase with his Davis Cup team captain, with the condition of winning a big match that afternoon. Though Lacoste lost the game, the nickname ‘The Alligator’ stuck and even led Lacoste to embroider a crocodile on to his white tennis blazer. That’s how the legend of René Lacoste and the famous...

Brands, augmented reality and the QR code conundrum


Johnson & Johnson got a lot of buzz recently for their print ad which was infused with the distinctive smell of the J&J baby powder. In India and elsewhere, J&J has such a strong equity with mothers that they see it as the go-to brand for infant & baby care products. Mothers associate J&J with a unique sense of smell that’s even associated with that wonderful ‘baby...

The Sunday Times Culture brings Art, Music, Film & TV together in one take


Loved this new ad for The Sunday Times promoting a new supplement on Culture: ‘for the next four weeks explore the four corners of culture. Join our critics and writers as they unearth the hidden gems from big and small screen, uncover the finest of all the artists, and discover who influenced how and how across the arts‘ says the PR blurb. The ad brilliantly conveys the idea without...

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