Hard Rock Casino: art direction with an idea

In advertising, is not uncommon to perceive art direction as beautification of an ad. The copy-art team sometimes think independently and one adapts to the others’ idea. But when an idea drives the campaign embellished with great art & copy, magic happens. A new campaign for Hard Rock Casino from Canada seems to be that kind – driven by an idea and made better through craft.

The brief: ‘we were tasked to come up with a Casino campaign that spoke to a group of people who enjoy socializing but wouldn’t consider the Casino for a night out’. The ads marry food cues with entertainment, including sports in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.






Agency: Taxi, Canada. Via.

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3 thoughts on “Hard Rock Casino: art direction with an idea”

  1. Beautiful, and striking, some times we do not give attention to what comes in print, these visuals are amazing.

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