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6 top creative ads of the week: @Vegemite @marmite @Delta and more


Every day hundreds of commercial messages are targeted at us. However, only a handful of them are noticed. An even smaller number is remembered and recalled correctly. Every week, I attempt to share a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye. Here are a few for the week ending August 9, 2019. Vegemite – Marmite spat The Ashes – a cricketing duel between Australia and England is...

Marmite ‘Mind Control’, Smirnoff, BMW and more: 9 creative ads of the week


Most advertising goes unnoticed. Only a handful manage to break the clutter, get noticed and better still, remembered. Every week, I attempt to share a few compelling ads which caught my eye. This week, the collection of creative ads include TV spots from Marmite, Smirnoff and BMW among others. Marmite: Mind Control There have been several iconic campaigns for Marmite over the years – the...

UNESCO’s “Next Normal”, Range Rover, Burger King and more: creative ads of the week


I don’t watch much TV and hence my source of new ad campaigns (at least in India) is from online ad portals and what I read about in trade publications online. Coverage of new creative ads is much less than what it was before and many of the campaigns are centred around issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week’s compilation of creative ads includes TV spots from UNESCO...

Advertising in the time of COVID-19


There’s a lot more to marketing than just advertising. Pricing, product portfolio strategy, segmentation, packaging, distribution and more as intrinsic to marketing as advertising. But thanks to media attention many equate marketing to be just about planning and implementing ad campaigns. As Mark Ritson points out in this brilliant article, says: Marketers have been gradually but...

Marmite: iconic brand, bold client and an occasional use product


Products which are used only for specific reasons or occasions, naturally run the risk of low usage. Antiseptic creams, adhesive bandages…even honey, come mind. Think of brands like Burnol, BandAid, Dettol or any brand of honey – a lot of households have them around but such brands come out of the cupboard only on specific occasions: a bruise, illness and so on. In England, Marmite is...

Marmite animal welfare ad: how to tackle occasionally used products


We all have such products in our house – those which are used rarely. Usually such products come into use only for a specific occasion (e.g antiseptic creams, adhesive bandages) or are bought but rarely used because of sheer inertia (e.g. honey in most households).  Brands like Burnol, BandAid and Dettol come to mind in reference to the first category. Nestle Milkmaid, Dabur Honey (and...

13 winning Posters & Outdoor campaigns from Epica Awards 2012


The popular ad blogs usually display pretty much the same campaigns. Somehow, ads from Europe, other than UK perhaps will have to wait till the Epica Awards are announced. Here are 15 examples from the Poster & Outdoor category: 1. McDonalds Olympics Loved the simplicity of this campaign and the clever headlines juxtaposed with the visuals, especially the one featuring the dad. Agency: Leo...

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