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Snickers, Nike and more: 5 top creative ads of the week


Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Most of them aren’t even noticed. Here are a few creative ads which stood out from the clutter for me the last week: a continuing campaign for Snickers, Nike’s reaction on social media regarding a decision taken by the French Open authorities and more. 1. Snickers: one for two Kudos to the team at BBDO and Snickers for...

No, not all products & services are remarkable


A common advice to brands is to make remarkable products and services. Marketing & advertising is then tasked with ‘story telling’ that resonates. If only it worked like that in real life. Most products & services fulfil basic necessities of consumers and have very little scope to have truly differentiated product features.In his book ‘This is marketing’ Seth Godin outlines these steps: A...

McDelivery, Oreo and more: fun creative ads of the week


Every day we come across hundreds of ads. A majority of them go un-noticed. Only a handful get our attention and an even smaller number, our involvement. Here are a few fun creative ads I liked over the last week or so. McDelivery: rainy days Convenience has been the platform for gig economy brands, especially those in food delivery. In India, Swiggy has created several engaging ads of late...

8 top creative ads of the week: Apple’s Christmas advert, Norwegian Air and more


Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a handful are memorable. Here are a select few which caught my eye, the week ending 24th November, 2017. Apple: Sway The Christmas advert from Apple has become an event to look forward to. I think the 2013 one, ‘Misunderstood’ set the trend. This year’s advert is a riveting watch and has the hallmark of classic Apple...

Land Rover, @easyJet and more: 7 top creative ads of the week


November usually sees a surfeit of emotional ads. E-commerce and retail brands, especially from Europe, lead the pack with ads which tug at the heartstrings. Many of them are mega productions, high on the feel-good factor. The week ending November 29, 2019 saw a few of them including creative ads from Carrefour, Apple and more. Land Rover: Discovery Towing Adventures New advertising is old...

.@OrganicValley, @SNICKERS and more: creative ideas of the week

Between bookmarked sites, Twitter and RSS feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 15th April, 2016: Snickers, HelloFlo and more. Snickers: wrapper It takes a bold, confident brand to approve such an idea: in which advertised brand is made to look like...

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