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Media websites in India: greed is not good


What a mess The age old mantra of a good website design is: fast loading, easy navigation and reader friendly. But when ‘specialist’s in the field flout every norm and make the web page more of an irritation than a pleasure, what does one say? Take a look at the landing page of What can you read? And the irony is that this brand is a big time promoter of media...

Clinic: awesome idea, awesome art


When robust brainstorming happens among teams, very often a stray comment or a phrase uttered, sparks an idea in someone else’s mind. Even everyday phrases like ‘smooth as silk’, ‘smells like fish’ can trigger visual ideas in someone’s head. And when the proposition itself is strong and lends direction, magic happens. A seemingly unseen idea comes alive. One...

Mail wars in India: yeh campaign bandh karke toh dekho


Of late, webmail brands in India have been slugging it out on TV in India. Money is being pumped into driving saliency and hopefully, traffic to these brands. Indiatimes mail, AOL mail and Rediffmail have all beefed up their TV activity. Frankly, none of these have moved me personally to look beyond my current brand – Gmail. The basic functions on the web – search, mail – have...

Carlton Draught and ‘big’ beer ads


If you’v been anywhere near a computer last year you would have seen the Carlton ‘It’s a big ad’ TVC. it’s one of those ads which never fail to evoke a jaw dropping ‘Wow, what an ad’ and brings a smile to your face. Apart from the spectacular animation, it worked because of its self-deprecating tone. The humour was inward directed and the ad was seen as...

Of job portals and advertising


ContentSutra reports of a new job portal in India called Shine, from HT Media. The site is still in beta stage. Given that they are a late entrant they are offering a carrot to attract job seekers. The prize: a daily prize of a months salary, and a bumper prize of a years salary (though for the daily prize, you’re only eligible for the day you register). They are also offering a salary survey to...

Merging of copy and art


Two new examples of how the lines between copy and art are merging. Gone are the days when the copywriter would think of a headline and the Art guy would find a suitable visual. The first one is for Listerine, from Australia. Brands that offer a solution to problems like body odour, bad breath, dandruff etc., have relied on exaggerating the problem or embarrassing the hell out of you. In India...

Stereotypes in advertising


There is a minor debate going on in the Blogosphere about a recent set of ads from, which appeared during the Super Bowl. In one of the ads, the ‘Boss’ threatens to fire a salesman named Ramesh Chakrapani, who he claims is the worst sales person in the company, unless he improves his sales. Ramesh panics and searches at “Genie” search engine to find where...

Macworld, Apple and Brand Love


Macworld Expo 2008 is scheduled to kick off on Jan 15, at 9am Pacific Time in San Fransisco. That’s about 10pm local time here today. Sitting thousands of miles away here in India, I can get the sense of excitement and anticipation. I for one will definitely sit through the live coverage (bloggers covering the event as it happens, live – even posting pics of the on-stage happenings)...

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Ex-ad man. Love advertising, Apple, tech, digital, design and all things creative. VP - MarCom, @Robosoft. Views personal. See disclaimer for more.

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