Maine PR kyon kiya?


I had a Twitter update about Malaika Arora and Arbaz splitting up. I wasn’t interested in knowing more. It appears now that the news made it to the front page of Mumbai Mirror and that the whole thing was a PR stunt for a skin cream brand (Ponds, apparently). Huh? Read more about it here. Wonder what length stars and PR consultants will go to for a stunt? This is precisely the kind of stuff...

Hocus Pocus: the truth behind focus groups


Focus Groups. Two words that conjure up visions of long meandering chats, forced probing questions (yeh jingle kaisi lagi aapko? Model ko kaala chashma pehenna chahiye ya brown?), inane comments, peering at a TV screen and a presentation with charts and diagrams soon after. One school of thought is that in any focus group, only 10 minutes of the discussion is actually meaningful. Rest is prattle...

The third screen: coming mobile revolution


At the recently concluded Goafest, Mr D. Shivakumar, Vice-President and Managing Director, Nokia India spoke about the coming 3G revolution in India. In another 2 years, India will have 500 mn subscribers of mobile phones and the break up could be: Out of the 500 million subscribers, 60 million would have video capabilities, 10 million music, 200 million radio, 250 million camera capabilities...

Ungal choice: media wars in Chennai


Media and blog circles are abuzz with the launch of Times of India’s Chennai edition. The Hindu now has serious competition. While Deccan Chronicle and the New Indian Express do have Chennai editions, I don’t think they are as formidable as TOI when it comes to a fight. Deccan Chronicle played the price game and claims No.2 position and the Indian Express was light years behind in...

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