New Altoids: curiously different campaign


One of the legendary campaigns in the oral confection category is the one for Altoids. It was popular for it tagline: ‘Curiously strong mints’. Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign stood out among the clutter of freshness claims. The masterstroke was to focus on a differentiated product attribute and go to town with it. The execution took the idea miles ahead with a combination of...

Advertising Agencies and fear of clients


Came across this great post titled, ‘An agency driven by fear is a nightmare’. Every word of it rang true for me in the context of a typical client-agency relationship, here in India. In the above article, the author says: By definition the creative process is fearless. Scared people don’t make anything well except walls and weapons The Man of Fear often has a big title. He wears it...

IPL advertising: the highs & lows


Every once in a while, the ad industry gets a fillip in terms spends with new or emerging categories. It was telecom a few years, then insurance and so on. The IPL advertising is not really a category in itself but its got huge visibility thanks to the brand and team advertising. Now the channels have joined the fray. Check out this hilarious ad from SET MAX.   And then there is this bummer...

Indian Premier League: hitting the right ‘note$’


Much has been written about the business aspect of Indian Premier League – the enormous bidding amounts, the franchisees etc. From a marketing communications point of view, I think IPL (the official website is pretty sad, though) and its agency have begun to hit the right notes. In my view, the challenges ahead of IPL were these: Create a brand idea: while the Twenty20 format received...

Luxor and the Goafest hooha


When its advertising awards, can controversy be far behind? In typical Times Group style, the furore over the Luxor ads hit the front pages. The ad which won a Grand Prix for Leo Burnett is actually a client of Lowe. The ad was released through an approval process from the Luxor marketing head who is no longer with the company. The report actually clarifies that the entry was legit, but ends with...

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