I want my South TV: regional advertising in India


The popular perception about South India has always been about conservatism and ‘everything shuts down in the city by 8pm’. The rest of India, particularly the North was seen as more hedonistic and by extension, darlings of marketers & agencies. There has been a subtle change in the South of late. Bangalore, thanks to its IT associations has been seen as a cosmopolitan city...

Canara Bank: we all love for these to change


It’s everywhere you go – outdoor, on your TV and for me, even in my bank. I am talking about the new Canara Bank campaign. It another PSU bank’s attempt to go hip. Unfortunately, the effort seems to be limited to a new advertising campaign and a logo.Nothing’s changed at the bank. The advertising idea is built on a good insight – we do change for the one’s we...

Creative pitches – why are clients so callous?


It is one of the biggest puzzles of the advertising industry: the creative pitch. When an agency gets a call for a pitch, it has the ability to fire up the teams and the office is abuzz with activity (usually the night before!). It also has the habit of sucking up agency resources across the board for an activity that may or may not bear fruit. The classic case of pie in the sky. Yet, the...

Tide: user-generated content and P&G


Here’s a brilliant new marketing effort from Tide. It started with a TVC for Tide to Go, a stain remover (in a tube format) from P&G. The ad features a guy appearing for an interview and talking about how he is ‘an organized person’. But the stain on his white shirt is so distracting that it ‘out shouts’ him, leaving the interviewer completely distracted. The ad...

Mentos: missing link, missing idea?


The trouble with creating a super-success in advertising is that, the expectations are high for the sequels. Perfetti India and its agencies have consistently produced good commercials that are effective in the marketplace. But like in movies, sequels suffer from comparison to the original. Mentos appears to feel a similar pinch with their new ‘missing link’ TVC. I can recall at least...

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