Seen and noted: LifeNK packaging


SpaceNK is a chain of outlets whose avowed philosophy is: to source and offer a carefully edited selection of high quality, original and effective beauty products from innovators and specialists around the world. The packaging for one of their brands, LifeNK is doing the rounds of design & packaging blogs. It’s not hard to see why. Via: Lovely Packaging I loved the little squiggles of...

Soy Mamelle: udder joy of packaging


At an international conference for packaging earlier this year, KIAN Brand Agency of Moscow undertook an interesting project. The project – a packaging concept for Soy Milk was aimed at informing regular milk consumers that milk obtained from natural plants is as good as cow’s milk. While design elements that resemble a cow would have been the obvious first choice, I liked the way the...

29 mouth watering app icons in Snow Leopard


For most PC users, this could mean nothing. But I have always been fascinated by the beauty of icons used in Apple. Almost all of them (specially the Apple designed ones have visual story to tell and each time you look at them you are likely to find a new element or nuance. The attention to detail is sometimes seen to be believed. For example, the TextEdit icons looks like any other but it...

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