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PepsiCo’s Tropicana deal: Rx for brands?


Heard about the ‘non-commercial’ deal between PepsiCo India and the Indian Medical Association? In a first for PepsiCo across all markets, doctors will be endorsing Tropicana and Quaker Oats in India. Apparently the IMA also endorsed Eureka Forbes, Dettol and Disprin in the past. Reports say that the IMA was paid Rs.5mn towards a general fund. Ahem. Said IMA’s immediate past...

Apple, Mac and summer camps?!


As a parent, I can understand when people fret about keeping their kids occupied during the summer holidays. Typically, summer camps and activity programmes are seen as answers to keep the kids out of your hair during summer. Today, I heard a radio spot inviting children to take part in a creative activity at the Apple reseller outlets in Bangalore. The spot invited kids to make movies and get...

Suicide pacts: what is going on?


This has nothing to do with advertising or business but I am compelled to write about it. There have been a spate of suicide pacts and incidents of filicide in Bangalore. Parents seems to think that the easy way of out their problems is to take their own life and worse still, kill their own children. How can parents mentally prepare themselves to do this? What goes through their vile minds when...

John West: going to great lengths


One of the popular ads of all time is the John West one, where a John West employee wrestles with a bear to get the ‘freshest’ salmon. They’ve had  sequels too, which weren’t as funny – trouble with all sequels, eh? View them here,  here and here. Their print ad won an Epica in 2005. Sea And they have followed it up with this new print ad. Pelican It is remarkable...

What clients want


Do clients and agencies play safe by relying heavily on traditional media like TV & print? Yes? Are you sick of buzzwords like social networking & integratgion? Join the gang. A bunch of influential CEOs of US corporations and agencies were interviewd by Businessweek and they too agreed. These were the judges of the Effie Awards and not really a huge sample, but hey they are the ones who...

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