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The sequel to Got Milk?: White Gold


When it comes to browsing Annual Awards books, I used to be as prolific as the creative guys. One Show and D&AD Annual were the books I used to browse through regularly when growing up in Advertising. I used to be fascinated by the work done by Fallon McElligot (now simply Fallon) and Goodby Silverstein & Partners. These two agencies used to have the maximum number of entries in the index...

BMW: glow in the dark ad


Came across this interesting piece of media innovation for BMW Canada. Vice Magazine ran an ad for BMW 1 Series—visible only in the dark— on the cover of its March issue. According to MediainCanada magazine: At first glance, it looks like any other cover. But when the lights go out, a glow-in-the-dark ad for the BMW 1 Series appears, with the 1 appearing where the “i” in Vice usually...

Click to add title: death by Powerpoint


Presentation skills is perhaps one of the most neglected aspects of training in advertising agencies. Ironic, since it is a business of persuading people to agree with your point of view. Depending on the agency culture, the suits get to make presentations to client either at middle or senior management level. Either way, the presentations are going to be boring. The common approach to handling a...

New consumer, new media and agencies


Advertising was once described as ‘salesmanship in print’. Given the explosion in media choices, we may have to revise it to ‘salesmanship in print, TV, online, retail, viral, ambient, search engine marketing, mobile, SMS, outdoor, radio and everything else in between’. There has been a quantum change in the way we consume media and brands over the last decade. Are we geared to address these...

New Altoids: curiously different campaign


One of the legendary campaigns in the oral confection category is the one for Altoids. It was popular for it tagline: ‘Curiously strong mints’. Created by Leo Burnett, the campaign stood out among the clutter of freshness claims. The masterstroke was to focus on a differentiated product attribute and go to town with it. The execution took the idea miles ahead with a combination of...

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