NIKEiD, Persil, @wyomingtourism, IPL and more: creative ideas of the week


NIKEiD: in-store experience An in-store experience installed in London uses Kinect motion sensors to track people and recognise patterns and colours and suggests what style of Nike Air Max trainers would suit them best. I liked it because ‘does this look good on me?’ is a question we ask ourselves or companion shoppers at a retail outlet. A ‘machine’ scanning one’s...

Of ‘suspension of disbelief’ and Airtel 4G advertising


Advertising exaggerates. That’s something we’ve come to accept. No one is likely to believe that a face wash brand will help in acing an interview or chewing a strong flavoured gum will actually spike your hair. There is ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ when it comes to most of the advertising – people know that they exaggerate only to drive home a point. Very often, such ideas are...

The trickery of surrogate liquor advertising


If it is legal to manufacture it should be legal to advertise it – that’s the argument put forth when it comes to advertising of categories like tobacco and alcohol. Sure, there’s merit in that. But governments and society at large have come to realise the need to restrict advertising of certain products like tobacco. In India, packaging, in-store and on-store are the only places for...

Pause that reflects: missing in marketing communication


In ad agencies, it is pretty common to review the creative work, on the day of the big meeting with the client. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a review on the way to the client meeting. There could be 3-5 options as TV scripts and the decision to present which of those is often taken just three traffic signals before the client’s office. The end result – everyone is ad-libbing...

New advertising is old advertising at heart


Going by what I see in trade magazines, there are frequent attempts to find a new definition to advertising of today. Story telling, Content Marketing, True Vertexing (I kid you not!) are all possible candidates. I guess planning meetings involve strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and more, aside from the mandatory YouTube video. There is an attempt to convey that...

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