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‘Apple is doomed’ narrative: another perspective


The launch of a major Apple product – especially the iPhone, brings out a slew of negative articles around the company. The narrative is broadly as under: – Apple has stopped innovating– The magic of Apple has vanished after the demise of Steve Jobs There is a sound economic reason behind this: such articles are great for generating traffic. Positive news about Apple (record...

Stranger Things, McDonald’s and more: 11 top creative ads of the week


1. Amtrak: Break the Travel Quo One of my earliest lessons in advertising strategy was about correctly defining one’s competition: an amusement park’s competition isn’t necessarily another amusement park but other avenues of ‘fun’. Amtrak’s new campaign in the US promises a better way to travel as compared to air or road. The promise of cellular connection in...

Subaru Crosstrek, Philips Hue and more: top 7 creative ads of the week


Subaru Crosstrek: welcome to the pack I am not an automobile fan myself (though I keenly follow the category advertising, especially in print) so I didn’t know that Subaru has a reputation for evoking loyalty in the US. It is said that casting dogs and babies in an ad is guaranteed to generate involvement in viewers. That said, the dog plays a central role in this story, puts in a stellar...

Content marketing as punching bag: deserved or not?


Nowadays it is common to spot articles bashing ‘content marketing’ as a discipline. The common grouse with such articles is: – content marketing is just a buzz phrase; it is essentially what was practiced in advertising forever – the practitioners of this discipline are bullshit artists who thrive on throwing jargon – most of what passes off as content marketing is...

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