Cadbury re-branding, Thai Airways and more: creative ideas of the week


With the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many marketers have turned cautious in their advertising spends. Given the lockdowns, production of new advertising creatives – at least on the scale prior to this health crisis has come to a standstill. Brands have resorted to tactical ads which link back to their thematic claim, with messaging urging people to stay at home. In this...

Hennessy X.O, Bournvita and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


Everyday I check a few portals which publish latest advertising work from across the globe. Needless to say, only a handful are noticed, remembered and appreciated. When the count of such ads is really low by the weekend I diligently look for interesting new work. This was one such week where one had to search for good work to share. Here are a few of my picks: 1.Hennessy X.O: The Seven Worlds...

Of crowdsourcing creative ideas and Doordarshan logo


Doordarshan, India’s public broadcaster, has announced plans to change its logo. The move is apparently triggered by the need to appeal to a younger audience. The new design is sought to be crowdsourced from the general public and the winning entry comes to with a cash prize of INR 100,000 (approx $1560). Predictably, there is outrage among a certain section on the logo change. The argument is...

Of Cleartrip going local and brand names


Cleartrip has been my go-to option for travel bookings – be it airline, train or hotels. I quite like the experience across platforms – be it on the web or mobile devices. In my view, its design (and in a Steve Jobs-esque way not referring to just its looks) is the primary differentiator as there are tonnes of options in this genre. Despite several temptations from other brands...

When monopolies, dominant brands take consumers for granted


In India, the oft-quoted example of how competition forced a hitherto monopoly brand to change for the better, is likely to be Indian Airlines. Consumers experienced better customer service, punctuality and more after the entry of private airlines, forcing Indian Airlines to improve its customer experience. A big manifestation of this change would be about better in-flight service and punctuality...

Of Patanjali, strong brand equity and design


Great design is often the only moat against competition. It allows for a brand to command loyalty and price premium. Apple is often cited as a great example of this. Recently it was argued that regional publications in India ought to invest in good design in order to command a premium from advertisers. In the same article it was mentioned that ‘even if Patanjali’s noodles are as good as Maggi...

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