USA Today redesign: the impact of convergence

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I saw a blog post over at Creative Review about the upcoming re-design of USA Today. My first reaction to the re-designed masthead and the proposed logo was one of shock. A simple circle as a logo? You begin to wonder if this is the most creative concept the agency can come up with – a typical client reaction too.

Agency:  Wolff Olins

But when you see the entire ‘package’ the newspaper design, the usage of logo in different colours across sections, the customisation of the logo in print to suit the news of the day, the commonality of design across devices (mobile & iPad) – it all seems to fall in place.

To me it also highlighted the importance of convergence in today’s world. A consumer interacts with a brand across media vehicles, platforms and devices. The context in which the brand interaction takes place – different for different platforms (an interaction on LinkedIn with the brand would be different compared to an interaction on Facebook or Twitter). The creative expression of the brand will also have to be adapted to suit the medium, like how Cravendale handled its Facebook & Twitter pages. It is so important to provide a unified, seamless experience across all these platforms & devices – even more so for a media brand like USA Today. In that context, the re-design for USA Today makes eminent sense and more importantly, works.

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