17 examples of luxury brand ads: execution is the idea

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Like most premium international lifestyle or fashion magazines in India, the latest issue of Vogue too carries a truck load of glossy ads. A majority of those ads are for luxury or super-premium global brands. The Versaces, Guccis and Louis Vittons are all there. Most of the ads have a common, familiar pattern: minimal copy, visual driven with either a model or the product in focus. A quirky or distinct visual aided by stunning photography is also common.


Such ads have been common in the high end fashion or luxury segment especially among globally recognized, sought-after iconic brands. Some high-end fashion, jewelry and boutique brands from India are also following a similar pattern in their advertising. But somehow when they try the same ‘format’ (there were a few in that issue) it doesn’t work as well in most cases. With some brands you feel that it is trying too hard to ‘belong’ to the club – almost a wannabe. What is common to clutter breaking-ability (be it global or Indian luxury brands) is minimalism and great execution. The ad could very well be about a model staring into camera and the logo but some element in the execution sticks out – it could be the visual style, a color, an unexpected element (like a Sanskrit headline in one of the Indian boutique ads). So its all about the aura, mystique of the brand which allows for such ads to break clutter even if the campaign idea was the execution?

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