3 outdoor campaigns of note from the WPPed Cream 2016 awards

WPPed Cream – the internal creative awards for WPP group agencies have been awarded since 2007. The categories have evolved over the years to reflect changing times. Thankfully, ‘advertising’ is still...

Snickers #hungrymistakes: idea taken to the next level

I love everything about the Snickers 'you are not you when you are hungry' campaign. It is based on a great insight, articulated well and the central idea is so 'campaignable'. We've seen some great theme and tactical ads as part of the campaign. A new outdoor campaign takes it to the next level - actually showing people what the downside of being hungry.

Museum of Childhood: see the world through a child’s eyes

Campaigns for the Museum of Childhood have been featured in ad blogs before and have gone on to win awards, including the Cannes in 2009. Most of them were traditional posters, executed superbly. Now comes a street graphics driven campaign which is even more memorable because of its unexpected nature.

Outdoor ads by @DLKWLowe for @Morrisons: pun-tastic

Just what makes outdoor ads great: idea-driven, locally relevant, creative suited to a fleeting medium. Loved the new campaign for Morrisons, supporting the launch of the Morrisons.com home delivery service...

Seen and noted: The Economist – get a world view

The print and outdoor ads from The Economist have always generated positive buzz for the brand. The classic red background, clever headline look of these ads are etched in my...