‘Apple is doomed’ narrative: another perspective


The launch of a major Apple product – especially the iPhone, brings out a slew of negative articles around the company. The narrative is broadly as under: – Apple has stopped innovating– The magic of Apple has vanished after the demise of Steve Jobs There is a sound economic reason behind this: such articles are great for generating traffic. Positive news about Apple (record...

Kidney jokes are passé: the Apple-Android fan wars are pointless


It’s that time of the year again. An Apple Event has triggered the by-now familiar social media wars between fans of Apple and Android. Not surprisingly, the jokes, barbs, memes and parody videos about Apple in general and iPhone 7 in particular have also started. Apple fans profess their faith in the brand and put down Android owners given an opportunity. This is not new and perhaps has...

Communication lessons from Apple Events


Another Apple event is over and the headlines are filled with the usual: merits and demerits of the products launched, fan wars taking sides and punditry on whether Apple has lost its mojo. Amidst all this, what goes unnoticed is the near perfect execution of the event itself from a presentation and overall ‘communications’ perspective. Herewith some unsolicited observations: Script out...

WWDC: of continuity, new paths and focus


Every Apple event follows a set pattern when it comes to media coverage: – First, speculation and rumours about what will be announced with some leaked images if there are hardware announcements expected – post the event, a report card of what was announced. The analysis will rarely be balanced with Apple fan sites going over the top while non-Apple fan sites will trash everything...

iPhone SE and winning in India the Apple way


The Apple Event held yesterday was low-key (‘underwhelming’ as many called it) with announcements along expected lines. The lack of energy was palpable in the presentation. But it is unfair to expect Apple to reveal a breakthrough product every year and deliver it in a high-energy, goose-flesh inducing presentation. That’s the price Apple is paying for setting the bar high. The iPhone...

#AppleEvent: observations on the presentation


The residual image of ‘Apple Keynote’ in most people’s minds is likely to be that of a large visual of an Apple product showcased in a dark grey screen or held in the hands of an Apple executive in the same dark grey screen as background . It has been so for years now and it is not by accident. Every little detail of an Apple Keynote presentation is planned and executed meticulously. Well, almost...

10 of my new favourite iOS apps


I am an accredited app junkie (aside from being an accredited Apple fan) and I have truck loads of apps on my iOS devices. Sure enough, there are only a handful one uses on a regular basis but hey, one can get into the mood to explore all the apps once in a while, right? I also eagerly await app updates and never leave updates pending even if it a 1GB update of the iMovie app which I hardly use...

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