Visa: passport to fame through YouTube videos

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Have you seen the new TVC for Visa prepaid cards on Indian channels? It seems like an extension of Visa’s global marketing campaign. What is interesting is that a hitherto non-commecial video has become the inspiration for a global advertising campaign. The original video series, first posted in 2003, is about Matt Harding doing his signature jig during his vacation in Asia. The video became so popular that he was sponsored on a world tour and did his jig in a diverse set of landmarks across the world. 

I saw the ad where a bunch of taxi drivers and hotel staff do their version of Matt’s jig. Nearly not as funny and for those who have no clue about Matt’s videos, I wonder what their take out was. Coincidentally, I came to know about the Matt videos only recently, thanks to TIME magazine which voted it the No.1 viral video of 2008. Anyway, seems like there is a whole new way of monetizing YouTube videos.

I might as well practice reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam backwards – maybe there’s a market for that on YouTube.

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  1. hmmmm.. very interesting.. maybe they were hoping this would be a viral in itself… for those who know the videos, it makes a lil more sense…for those who don’t, its interesting in itself?
    meanwhile, i’ll wait for your You Tube video :p

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