Vimeo brings Tositos ad alive

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Yes, you can view this ad on YouTube too. But do yourself a favour and go watch the Tositos ad on Vimeo. Get ready for an amazing experience.

YouTube has traditionally been the preferred destination for uploading commercials and branded content by advertisers & agencies. Vimeo’s edge: better resolution of videos and relatively less commercial content. The former has been negated by YouTube of late, where lots of videos have the HD option. But with customizations like this for Frito Lay, will Vimeo become a worthy competitor for YouTube? Tweaks and customizations of videos have been around in YouTube – remember Boone Oakley? Since it’s a rare one for Vimeo, this ad is doing the rounds of ad blogs. Not to mention the awesome CG.

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  1. WOW! What awesome CG!!..And what customization done by Vimeo..explored the site a bit and found it very interesting..:)

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