India print ads: blast from the past

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A small collection of (lesser known?) Indian print ads from the early ’90s to early 2000. I don’t have the credits for all the work. I have mentioned the names I am familiar with along with the images. Do let me know if I have gone wrong with the credits or if you have any additional information.

Some of the copy-based ads make me yearn for the good ol’ days of print ads. Gosh, I am old.

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    • @bhatnaturally Goodness, that is a blast from the past, indeed.

  1. Sriram Iyer Reply

    Have any of these ads been released in a nation-wide campaign? I am sure they must’ve been released for awards in some Adaman & Nicobar afternoon newspaper. But then why isn’t such (good) work released on say ToI, HT or any other national daily? The recent print campaign I can think of, that was released (a little prominently) was for ‘Bourbon’ and ‘Vodafone’.

    Piyush Panday said at Goa fest that let those campaign win, that we all remember having seen, not the ones *exclusively* released for awards.

    • Sriram, these were clearly before you joined advertising. And no not all of them were rleased in obscure publications and meant only for awards. The camapign for Mauritius Tourism was one of the most visible, talked about, envied and effective campaigns in the early 90s.

      • Sriram Iyer Reply

        Ah! true – I have been in this business for less than 12 months now! I see some brilliant work from India posted on AoTW and other sites, great stuff. But rarely do I see them published. They are those minimalistic copy, mostly visual – out of the box ideas with great art & illustration. Most of ’em have won prestigious awards n al. But again, rarely have I seem them published now-a-days. Is it coz clients think T.V. is a better medium than Print, or that cliché ‘my-T.G.-will-not-get-this-idea’.

        Recently, Ogilvy India won awards for their work on ‘Sour Marbles’. I hadn’t seen the work first on any newspaper – but on afaqs!. I am sure there are lots of such work that win awards, and one’s ever seen them. May be the 90s were different.

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