13 brilliant print ads with no copy

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I usually compile a list of ads I liked over the last week or so. This time around, I didn’t come across very many which were compelling so I took another easy way out: rummaged through my ad collections for some print ads to share. I am a big hoarder of creative work with a hard disk full of collections accrued over the years. Here are a bunch of print ads which virtually have no copy i.e. text in them. Most of them have just the brand name and the benefit explained through the visual. A couple of them may have just a tag line to bring alive the idea.

Nivea: pause

Slowing the ageing process is a benefit several beauty brands can own – Olay comes to mind instantly. Here’s a simple, memorable visual expression of the same benefit.

Batelco: directory

‘Finding what you need easily’ is the promise of directory services. What is implied is that among the many options for a service, find the one you need. It also works for advertisers who want to list their service. Here’s one from UAE dramatizing that benefit.

Loctite: welcome back

After a favourite toy is broken, getting it back in action after mending it with glue is a great feeling for kids. An ad for Loctite captures the emotions beautifully.

Pepsi: dare for more

This maybe too subtle for the common man (or maybe we underestimate them), this creative resembles the Pepsi logo wave using similar colour cues. The image goes well with the proposition of ‘Dare for more’.

Deep Blue jeans

A simple visual pun on the brand name of the jeans but makes for an arresting visual.

Medal of Honor: EA Games

This award winning campaign from Dubai brought alive (no pun intended) the idea of ‘Real as life’ for a video game.

EA Medal of Honor


Exaggeration is common in advertising. Creative laddering where an extreme situation is portrayed is also common. It is normally used to portray the great lengths to which one goes to acquire the brand. In this ad for PlayStation, the addictive nature of the device is shown in this humorous situation.

Halls: balsamic action

‘It is so effective that it is similar to having steam inhalation’ is the stretched claim for a throat lozenge.

Oil of Olaz: passport control

Looking younger than one’s age is considered a compliment. In this twist, the benefit leads to situation at passport control.

Olay passport control
Tesco: fresh

In this subtle ad for Tesco, the message sought to be conveyed is that even though the merchandise is at a super market (as cued by the bar code) it is fresh.

Tesco crabGatorade for kids

A smart take on a famous stock image conveys the idea of a Gatorade variant.

Gatorade for kids

ZEISS lenses

The benefit of wearing the Zeiss Lens conveyed in a telegraphic manner visually.


Sony Walkman: map

A generic benefit of a portable music player conveyed in a visually arresting manner.

Sony Walkman

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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