Titan: more than a tagline change?

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Titan has joined the make over brigade. In its latest campaign featuring Aamir Khan they exhort you to ‘Be more’.

The press releases say all the right things – the need for change, keeping in touch with the changing consumer etc. Titan, a 24-year old brand has consistently pushed the case of a watch being more than a watch. Previous campaigns too have attempted to trigger a change – of watch as a fashion accessory. ‘What’s your style?’ tag line of 2004 drove home the point about Titan having a watch to match your mood. The new campaign attempts to convey an emotional benefit of spontaneity and reflect the user’s personality.

The ad has an AV-like tone almost, but is bound to top the popularity charts. Aamir, as usual, does a great job. I found the opening line ‘Be born everyday’ a bit preachy. Thankfully, the ad has a light-hearted touch to it with lines like ‘make your own mistakes’ and ‘don’t resemble your passport photo for more than 3 months’.

Thematic messages urging you to be something have been done before. Nike – Just Do it, American Express – Do More, come to mind. I would say that while the positioning seems a bit ‘done before’ this new campaign is a subtle progression from the earlier positioning of Titan – but not a dramatic shift. The ad is likely to be endearing to many. What say?

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