Political advertising that makes you go green with envy


Here is an election campaign with a difference. It’s election time in New Zealand and it’s Green Party is running an outdoor campaign focusing on what it stands for: the environment.

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Via Campaign Brief New Zealand

A far cry from the theme of political advertising in India. Wonder when we will reach such evolved levels of sophistication and simplicity of message?


  • What about the maturity of audience? I am sure political parties in India don’t mind creating campaigns but will these smart and intelligent campaigns get them the votes? In a country where the base necessities of life are yet to be addressed, these campaigns IMHO would only have limited effectiveness in India.

  • Saurabh, I agree. The issues that countries like NZ face are more ‘evolved’ in a sense and that’s what I meant when talking about sophistication and simplicity. Thanks for the comment.

  • Political campaigns are possibly the most deeply reflective of the biggest issues that people face. Our isues have to do with alleviation of poverty (biggest hit – Garibi Hatao), communalism and divisiveness (biggest hit – Na Jaat pe na paat pe, Mohur Lage Haath pe), basic infrastructure (Bijli Sadak Pani). In India it is also about making huge promises, guess one of the reasons why anti incumbency is so high.

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