30 great print ads that tell a visual story – Part 1

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Here is a collection of random print ads that rely less on the copy but more on the visuals to tell a story. Most of them force the reader to think about what is said for a split second. And then the penny drops.

1. Al-Ain Desert Wildlife Park

If the animals are awake till late at night, it’s natural that they have to catch forty winks during the day.

Al Ain - Hippo.jpg

2. Animal Planet

The wild life documentaries are so authentic that it’s like being animals video recording the action themselves.


3. Bosch cordless drill

‘Do you need a chordless drill?’ asks this ad for Bosch. Look closely at how the plates are arranged close to the plug point for answers.

Bosch-   Plates.jpg

4. LePetit Camembert

A self deprecating tone on the authentic smell of the Camembert.


5. Clima bicycle locks

Frankly, when I saw this campaign for the first time, I didn’t get it. Bit it’s won so many awards and splashed all over the ad blogs, that I got it after repeated viewing.


6. Club Med

‘It’s not where you go, it’s who you meet’, says this campaign for Club Med. It may be a generic proposition for all travel related services or cruises but the sheer beauty of the Art Direction makes it stunningly different.

Club Med.jpg

Rest of the ads in the campaign are here.

7. Dettol Hand Sanitizer

This one captures the typical fears a mother has over what here children are up to and the need for a hand sanitizer.


Rest of the ads in the series are here.

8. Harvey Nichols Sale

One of the iconic campaigns from the consistently-good work for Harvey Nichols. Cat fight at it’s best.

Harvey Nichols.jpg

9. Heinz Fries

One of the many executions of ‘hot’ ketchup from Heinz. Simple and compelling.

Heinz Fries.jpg

10. IKEA

This is a great example of the beautiful integration of the product with the creative idea. Great Art.


11. John West

Simplicity at it’s best.

John West.jpg

12. Kaya King Jumbo Peanuts

I laughed out loud when I saw this ad. Thanks to computers we can even make elephants do the Heimlich Manoeuvre.


13. Kilroy Travels

A great take on the what travel does to the world around us. Ironically from a travel agent.

Kilroy Trave;s.jpg

14. Kitkat

A literal take on the ‘take a KitKat break’.

Kitkat pause.jpg

15. Land Rover

This may not be in the same exalted league as the classic ads for Land Rover, but fun nevertheless.


16. Nerolac

This is more of a tribute to the power of visual communication of a another brand, but nice visualization.


17. News 1

A funny take on the ‘as if you are there personally to witness news’. Done before by news & media channels but this is a new take.


18. Olay

The timeless promise of ‘looking younger than what you actually are’ brought alive in the camouflage your idea route.

Olay Tiger.jpg

19. Pepsi

One of the funniest print ads in this list. While the proposition may sound right for a TV commercial, it is beautifully brought alive in a telegraphic manner.


20. Pizza Hut

Another exaggeration route. A bit too subtle, perhaps?


21. Pringles

Nice example of ‘hot’. Suspension of disbelief at its best.


22. Deep Blue

A category-code buster, as it were.


23. Rubik’s Cube

Brings out the addictive nature of Rubik’s Cube.


24. Scrabble

One of the truly ‘wow’ ideas in print in recent times. A great new visual perspective, beautifully capturing the nature of the game.


25. Snickers

Forget the brilliant execution for a minute. Just the proposition ‘it’s what you would want’ is worthy of salute.


26. Sony – 1

Nice execution of ‘deceptively tiny’ idea.

Sony - egg.jpg

27. Sony – 2


28. Tide – Angels

A bit stretched but a new perspective in a tough category.


29. Vespa

Brilliant execution emanating from a detailed understanding of product features, I presume. Who went and found out the width of the scooter?


30. Wonderbra

How can such a list be complete without Wonderbra?


Any comments or thoughts on this list? Part 2 coming soon, hopefully.

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  1. Awesome-Fantastic-Fabulous-Truly enjoyable post!!!

    I’ve added you to my humble blogroll!

    Hats Off to you and the people who made these ads possible !!!


  2. Stunning collection… Superb patience to actually try to be a jury and choose the best. I love the Bicycle lock ad. Just mind blowing, it took me good 2 minutes to realize what it meant.
    This post challenges some people like me to dig into the web and search for good and better ads.
    Also, I wonder why no Indian creative found here .. ;-)???

  3. I initially thought you had numbered them according some sort of preference…then i saw the pepsi and the 11 news ads! truelly awesome collection…..eagerly awaiting part 2…and 3????

    • David, thanks a lot. Yes some of the stuff could very well have been unpublished work. Thanks for the link!

  4. Fantastic post, Bhat.

    Very enjoyable, I’ve laughed, chuckled and taken notes on some. Brilliant stuff. I’m involved in the Advertising world in East Africa.

    Well researched, and a great read. Stumbled and Delicious’d with pleasure.


  5. Awesome!! Loved the post even more for your own comments before every ad. Eagerly waiting for Part II, III,….

  6. Some truly great work showcased in this one… waiting for more 🙂

  7. Adepegba Adelaja Reply

    These are indeed great work, that really hits its audience.
    Good Collections

  8. Very entertaining post! Some of the above are truly fantastic, using the visual medium of print to their fullest. (my favorite: the peanuts one with the elephants)

    Now, as much as I love to see these, I have a hard time supressing my feeling that 90% of the above are fake ads for award shows, or at best ads that were "cleaned up" for submission, and not what a consumer would see.

    The benchmark of running in being approved by a real client to run in a real publications, with a real budget, in front of real consumers most often proves insurmountable to so many of these types of ideas. Of course, this is why we have to value those that do beat this benchmark.



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