Promoting Apple in India, one website at a time

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As an unofficial Mac evangelist, I was happy to come across a Apple Chipmunks, an Indian site that is dedicated to all things Apple. Apple fan sites are common in the US and UK but it is rare to see Indian blogs or sites dedicated to promoting Apple.

chipmunks Apple Chipmunks is the initiative of Tuhin Kumar, a student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology , Delhi and he is kind enough to give away an iPod Touch, if you register (free) at their site. You still here?

The passionate folks at Smoking Apples, another Apple-centric Indian website, and guys like Tuhin hold hope for Apple goodness to spread far and wide in India. It is heartening to note that all these guys are in their early ‘20s which augurs well for the next generation. Given the high pricing of Macbooks, iPods and iPhones in India, it is another matter India looks like a low-priority market for Apple. They seem to be content with the miniscule market share, low preference and general contempt with which PC users see Apple products in India. OK, the last point may be a bit too harsh but Apple is by and large considered ‘poor value’ on price and ‘no great shakes’ on performance. What was that about hope springs eternal?

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  1. Thank you for covering my website on your Blog. Also it really is good to find someone with a similar vision as us (Smoking Apple).

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