Microsoft Songsmith ad: striking the wrong notes

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Happened to stumble upon this outrageously cheesy ad for a new product from Microsoft: Songsmith – an application that helps users create music/songs by providing the background music. Sounds cool. Can’t say the same about the ad, though. Is this meant to be a parody of some Hollywood musical or is at an ‘ad, ad’? The ‘humour’ starting with a feature film-like certificate, is lost on me.

Could you get through the entire TVC without giggling in disbelief? Is the nursery-rhyme-style-but-dumbed-down-even-further style deliberate? And by the way, isn’t that a Macbook Pro in the beginning, with stickers covering the Apple logo? If I were client, I would be pissed. As an aside, check out how GarageBand was introduced in 2006 by Steve Jobs.

Anyways, Songsmith is available for trial download (100MB), which can be used for 6 hours of recording and costs US $30. As a Mac user, I have used Garageband (and no, I am not acting superior here) and it comes with the iLife suite. I am yet to use Songsmith, but you can see a review here. After the iPhone, almost every other smartphone was touted as an ‘iPhone killer’ but there are no signs of it being killed (except in India of course, where iPhone’s demise is self-inflicted). I am sure this will be called a GarageBand Killer – given the sheer higher number of PC’s it is likely to be more visible. Going by the ad, the start isn’t rocking.

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