Why Apple commands loyalty: the customer service angle

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Ask any user of a brand that requires customer care support and you will rarely get rave reviews. Even if the brand has a good reputation on customer service, there will always be cases of customer complaints. True of Apple too. But I have generally read and heard good things about Apple’s customer care. My US based brother had sent in his Macbook Pro for repairs. Apparently he was later told that his machine has been lost (or some such problem) – and in compensation they gave him a brand new 17″ Macbook Pro. Awesome. I have never had the chance to interact with Apple Care – even though I have been an Apple user for over a decade now.


I recently discoverd a small portion of the front panel on my two-year old Macbook peeling off. A small 2-inch strip was simply sticking out. Annoyed, I peeled the whole damn thing off, but did not report the incident to Apple Care. You could say that I have pardoned the unpardonable – hardware problems on a reputed machine.

When I went to my Apple re-seller, he asked me to call Apple Care about it. I was put on to a Service Engineer, who heard me out (sounded like a Singapore national). He said that while my warranty has expired and I have not chosen to go for an extended warranty, he will still process my case. He said that there have been a few cases like this reported and if I had called even a few weeks after my warranty had expired, my machine would have been replaced! Wow, I was thrilled! He then proceeded to log in my case and I was told that if I approaced my local reseller now, the top case would be replaced free of cost!

Isn’t this how brand loyalty is won?

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  1. Apple Care Reps are the best. A couple of times I’ve called in to have them replace things, and they’ve always impressed me. Most of the time my warranties had expired, but, they still looked into my problems for me.

    They’re top notch in my book.

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