Drooling over the iPod Touch applications

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The App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch is simply addictive. I have enjoyed getting cool apps (mostly the free ones!) and transferring them to my iPod Touch. The entire process is simple and glitch free. Step one: connect to the iTunes Store on iTunes, select the app you want to download and click on ‘Get App’. Next connect the iPod Touch and all the apps simply sync with the device. When there are updates available for the app, they show up like a ‘new mail’ icon. 

Not only do the apps look mouth wateringly cool, they make the device addictive. I have never logged on to Facebook as often as I did on my iPod Touch. Even without the Apps, Safari browser beats the pants of other mobile devices. Viewing sites like New York Times is a pleasure on the iPod Touch. Also, some sites like Fox News have ‘iPhone optimized’ web pages. My favourite activity on the iPod Touch – online radio. Along with Virgin Radio there are several free radio stations which add to the mind blowing experience. Thank You, Apple!

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