3 key ingredients in personal branding


I was at WordUp yesterday – an event organised by Indiblogger in Delhi. I met a lot of popular, accomplished bloggers and was inspired by many of them. The key take aways about how they’ve gone about blogging (either as a profession or as a serious pastime) and personal branding were these: passion for what they do, laser-sharp focus on a domain (food, auto, fashion etc.), enjoying...

E-commerce sales boom and e-tail therapy


After witnessing the recent marketing blitz by Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and Myntra,I was reminded of a rather well known saying in retailing, “If people went to stores only when they needed to buy and bought only what they needed, the economy would collapse.” While this was originally coined for brick & mortar retail, it has now manifested itself for E-commerce in India. The unprecedented...

Brand Strategy Demystified


Recently, while I was designing a course on ‘Strategic Management’ for our Executive Program in Business Analytics, there were two things I decided I will not do: use PowerPoint and throw jargon. Suddenly, a line of thought triggered. While reading up the vast amounts of literature available on strategy, having studied it during my student days, practised it in my corporate career and taught it...

Brand sponsorship of global events: new challenges for brands


An interesting discussion with Lakshmanan Narayan, CEO and co-founder of Unmetric in this week’s Storybard, touched upon the topic of brands sponsoring global events. Specifically, the issue was about how with global events like FIFA World Cup, brands not associated with the event in an official capacity as sponsors are gaining mileage through through brand content in social media. So it...

Coca-Cola brand activations: power of happiness proposition


Of late, there’s been a surfeit of videos for Coca-Cola which can be broadly clubbed under ‘activation’ or Promo. Most of them involve an on-ground event where consumers engage with the Coca-Cola brand directly or indirectly. Some of these activations have gone on to win awards, while many have become viral successes. All of them have the ingredients of great activation...

Social media is not a substitute for on-ground market sentiment


Years ago, when I was working on a MNC account, the MD of the Indian operations (a Canadian) asked why his ads (for an FMCG brand) were not shown on sports channels during telecast of golf tournaments. When I told him that the numbers didn’t warrant it, he said, ‘but all my friends watch golf’. That’s the trouble with hanging out with only a particular kind of like-minded...

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