The top advertising blogs, as listed by Blogrank

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The Top Advertising Blogs in the world, as listed by Blogrank is based on 20 different factors. Here are the Top 10 blogs:


The top ranked ones truly deserve the recognition. Many congratulations to all. They have been focused on the advertising business relentlessly and are a source of great inspiration to us. They have shared their opinions, been great reads and are a great community tool. Without them, we wouldn’t have been aware of the cutting-edge work (and the lousy ones) from around the world. And vice versa. Some of the top ranked ones are part of media networks, corporate setups with a panel of writers and so have an advantage of sorts. The ones that deserve special credit are the individual driven ones. WATBlog from India is ranked 21st.

This blog, gentle reader, is ranked 88th at the time of writing. Many thanks for your support and continued readership. You can help the rankings by subscribing to my feed, bookmarking it on Delicious, marking it as a favourite in Technorati or writing a review on Stumbleupon. Thanks again!

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  1. Hey thanks for the mention. We are glad our efforts are being recognized 🙂 Congratulations to you too on being part of the list 🙂

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