6 funny TV spots from #CannesLions 2013

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Here are some of the funny TV spots that were featured at the Cannes 2013 (some were shortlisted but did not win):

Devondale Sunshine Bubble: Bronze in Film Lions

Breakfast drinks in Australia are predominantly soy-based drinks, a fact that is unbeknownst to many. Devondale – Australia’s largest dairy – decided to launch a competitor made from real milk. We legally couldn’t say anything about the negative health implications of soy, but we could draw attention to its other big draw back – the taste. Or more particularly, the scourge of ‘Soy Aftertaste Face’ – it destroys marriages, ruins relationships and in this spot damages a young girl’s fragile psyche forever. Great casting & acting.

Agency: DDB, Melbourne

The Capital Transit Network: Films shortlist

You have more time to think: now, that a good reason to take the bus. Loved the short duration format and the campaignability of the idea.

Agency: LG2, Quebec

1st For Women Insurance Films Shortlist

Men are from Mars, women from Venus. Men punch each other for fun. And dare each other for kicks. Men think, behave, socialise, and live differently. Men are riskier by design. That’s why 1st for Women insure women instead.Great extension to the popular series.

Agency: Black River FC, Johannesburg

DIRECTV – Funeral: Gold in Film Lions

What are the ripple effects of not getting Direct TV? Awesome copy writing.

Agency: Grey, New York

DIRECTV – Pizzeria: Gold in Film Lions

Awesome copy again.

Agency: Grey, New York

CANAL Digital – The most fertile woman in the world: Bronze in Film Lions

Bizarre plot: A woman tells us that she is the most fertile woman in the world. Her doctor explains that she has oversensitive eggs, so she gets pregnant just by the touch of a man. And you’ll be stumped at the feature advertised.

Agency: Try/Apt

Which one was your favourite? I totally loved the Devondale and DIRECTV ones.

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