Best of #CannesLions 2013: Coca-Cola Small World outdoor ads

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Among the various winners at the Cannes Lions, there are a few that stand out – they appeal to you in an instant and strike you as a great, relevant, idea that makes sense for the brand and is well executed. I thought I will write a series of posts on such winners. Here’s the fifth one:

The Small World Machines project went viral on YouTube (1.5mn views as of date) and generated a lot of buzz in social media. As part of the campaign, this Outdoor campaign won Silver at the Cannes 2013.

smallworld1 smallworld2 smallworld3 smallworld4

Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney

The Small Project’s video installations were installed in Delhi & Lahore. But I am not sure where these outdoor ads appeared. Nevertheless, striking in their simplicity and gets the point (what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart) across. And the advantage of being an iconic brand with memorable mnemonics – you don’t even have to place your brand name in the poster.

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