Topical advertising – April Fool’s Day

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The Kerala CM called Rahul Gandhi an ‘Amul Baby’ and within days we had Amul put up a hoarding.   When Obama won the US elections, Veet put up a tongue-in-cheek ‘Good bye Bush’ ad. Topical ads, done well link a brand to the news of the day and can deliver great impact.

Am not sure if we make use of  all the opportunities in India. Maybe thanks to the effort of industry bodies like The Newspaper Works, marketers in Australia seem to make the most of such topical opportunities. This April Fools Day they to put out ads for a ‘Tweeting pen’ to a ‘Dog High Chair’. So it wasn’t just a case of an ad agency dreaming up a creative concept – they had a buy-in from clients as well.

I loved the ads for Artline and IKEA. Which ones did you like? Do we make ample use of topical opportunities here in India? Comments welcome.

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