British print advertising – latest nominees from the ANNAs

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Viral videos, billboards made of oranges and TVC-like web banners maybe all the rage now. But the joy of reading a good headline in a print ad or seeing a well-crafted print campaign is special. The Newspaper Marketing Agency, UK launched the ANNAs (Awards for National Newspaper Advertising) in 2004 to shine the spotlight on print ads and showcase newspapers as a medium.

Their latest nominations for Jan’11 include a single print ad for ING and a 3-ad print campaign for Thompson Holidays.

Agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay



The Thompson Holidays campaign attempts to focus on the  flexible, tailor-made holidays for travelers. The ING ad is a classic self-deprecating headline. While the above were nominated, an ad for British Airways went on to win the ‘best of Jan’11. Nevertheless, good to print craft being encouraged.


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