Magnum Pleasure Hunt: awesome web experience

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There are 4378 unread articles on my Netnewswire RSS feeds. There’s probably double that number of links to follow on my Twitter timeline – if I were to start counting that is. Among all these links vying for your attention, there’s probably a handful that actually do so. And among those handful there’s probaly one that makes you feel glad you clicked it. One such is a cool new interactive experience for Magnum, the ice cream brand from Unilever.

Head over to Magnum Pleasure Hunt – your mission is to catch as many bon bons as possible. The twist is that you travel through the web as it were, across several ‘web sites’. It is clever use of Flash and inter-linked websites and the journey is sure to be exhilarating.

I think the agency behind it is Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm. Can anyone confirm?

Some say that Flash websites load heavy and intros are passe, but done well with a solid idea, it can be a fun experience. I think most of those who start this game will go on till the end…it is addictive. A great example of a good interactive web experience.

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