Does Microsoft Bing help you make decisions?

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The pre-launch hype around Microsoft Bing conveyed the thought that it is not just a search engine but helps you make decisions. I thought it was smart positioning, creating a hook to at least try the brand out in the wake of a competing brand that stands for search. It has the potential to create some dissonance about Google. Key word being, potential.

The lofty platform of ‘helps you make decisions’ is in a way, contra to how ‘search’ is used. When someone is searching for Katrina Kaif he isn’t making a decision. He is just seeking information – hopefully the speed, precision and the depth of results will surprise him. When you are hunting for the right hotel in Jaipur you are making a decision. I typed in ‘Jaipur Hotels’ just for a lark on both Bing and Google. See any difference?


Ok, I haven’t done an exhaustive comparison of Bing with others, but initial impression matters. Does it fit in with the Decision Engine platform? Or is it just another search engine?

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  1. You ARE trying to make a decision. When you “search” for Katrina Kaif, what are you looking for? her pics? her videos? her filmography? her forthcoming films?

    Aint that a decision that you will make after a page comes with billion pages about her?

    • Sure it is a decision of some sort. Searching for Susan Boyle will throw up lots of pages and the one interests you is clicked. But that is no different from how one uses other search engines. A ‘decision’ would involve say, which digital camera to short list, a flight to take, a hotel to stay etc. A decision engine sets up that kind of expectation.

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