Wrigleys 5 Gum: 3D building projection

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I remember seeing the TV commercials for Wrigleys 5 Gum. The brand promises a sensory overload and the TVC dramatized the consumption experience through analogies. The baseline ‘Stimulate your senses’ captured the essence well. In a way, it builds anticipation towards the product experience even before you become a consumer. How do you bring alive the brand experience online?

In South Africa, users are urged to visit a microsite and ‘create’ their own 3D building projection patterns. Simply choose from a given set of lighting patterns and you’ve got your own signature pattern. These patterns will be projected on buildings in Johannesburg and Cape Town (in the real world) during this month.

I thought it was a simple, yet brilliant way of creating brand engagement online, that too in keeping with the promise of ‘stimulate your senses’. What’s more, not only does one get to share the ‘creation’ online one can view it in the real world. As it says on the website – ‘have your senses blown by a 3D mapped building projection’.

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