Fiat Street Evo: QR Code meets mobile meets brochure

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The  fun part of the advertising business? There’s so much to learn every day -iIt doesn’t matter if one is a day old in the business or a decade old. Those were the thoughts when I came across this new mobile app – Fiat Street Evo.

Instead of printing a brochure, the agency created a mobile app which would read street signs as a QR Code. The code brings up appropriate features of the car – for example, a STOP sign brings up the break features, a Parking sign brings up the Parking Sensor features and so on.


Via: Metal Potential

What I liked was the unconventional use of a QR code (hitherto seen largely in print ads), the convergence of media and the combination of fun & utility value.

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  1. Nice idea – but how would anyone know they need to flash their scanner against a QR code? Did Fiat have another campaign asking people to scan the signs?

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