Renault Kangoo: breaking category clutter

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One of the famous creative directors I had the privilege of working with used to believe in the mantra of not creating work that is ‘expected’ of category. In other words, if its an ice cream ad, try and break away from the ‘category codes’ – the unwritten rules of the category.

As far as outdoorsy, leisure activity vehicles go one assumes that showing varied activities is a must. This commercial for Renault Kangoo conveys the idea in an unconventional manner.

Agency: Publicis Conseil

Not an earth-shatteringly new idea – there have been several automobile ads which dramatize the brand’s effect on children. Also, the title ‘Describe your weekend’ takes away the surprise – especially if you know that the ad’s for a car. Different from the ‘expected’ visuals for an MPV alright.

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