Virgin Mobile’s Aunty ad: what’s the selling point?

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Happened to see the ad for Virgin Mobile’s vJazz, which touts unlimited music downloads for one year, as its selling proposition. What I recall though, is a young man hitting on an older woman. The ad is likely to be popular among certain youngsters and get the laughs among a typical kind. The kind who write moronic, lewd, anonymous comments over at YouTube. The Aunty has a Facebook fan page (15 fans as of now) too. Wh

Agreed that Virgin Mobile ads have always had a risqu̩ element to them, the first one setting the tone. What followed was a mixed bag Рiffy ones like the Nurse and enjoyable ones like Candy Foxx. While the ads are meant to entertain, does anyone recall the feature that they are supposed to sell? At best, the link between the feature and idea is tenuous.

With vJazz, I thought the unlimited music download is a great story to tell. But what is being played up (no pun intended) is the Aunty bit. In a way it is a reflection of what is acceptable in mainstream cinema nowadays. But the inspiration seems to be from this great campaign for Clerasil.

With Clearasil, one was clear that it was meant to convey confidence, may be even over confidence. With vJazz (and some others in the past), with a strong selling point, have they done justice to it in the communication? Or is the attempt to be entertain hijacking the whole issue?

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