Forbes launches in India, kindles memories

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forbes_mag.jpgWay back in the early ’90s, one of my regular haunts in Mumbai was a small book shop on D N Road, in the Fountain area. Just down the Bata shop there was a virtual hole in the wall, selling magazines mostly. The manager (maybe attendant) could have fitted well in a grocery shop too. But he knew everything there was to know about magazines. I used to visit the shop regularly hunting for The New Yorker, Life, Atlantic Magazine and Forbes, among others. I was a huge fan of Forbes and still preserve some of the old issues – including the 75th Anniversary issue, dated Sep 1992. I remember reading Steve Forbes’ and Caspar Weinberger’s columns and eagerly looked forward to articles on India. Known as the ‘Capitalist Tool’, they used to publish a quarterly lifestyle supplement, called Forbes FYI. It’s tag line: Capitalist Cool. Nice, no?

I was glad to hear about the launch of the India edition of Forbes. I haven’t got hold of a copy yet, just read a couple of news reports. The folks at Network 18, the Indian partner have got a Flickr set of the launch and also a Twitter feed. At Rs.950 for an annual subscription, it is a good buy. Looking forward to reading Forbes again.

The one other international magazine I long for in India? Condé Nast Portfolio. Mr. Bahl, please?

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  1. Gopal Srinivasan Reply

    Conde Nast Portfolio ceased publication even in the US a couple of months ago.

  2. Thanks, Gopal. I guess with only 15% of circulation coming through news stand sales, it was difficult to keep it alive. Looks like the business-lifestyle combination didn’t go too well with the audience & advertisers. Pity, since the few issues that I went through were quite riveting.

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