Google goes mass media in UK

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Close on the heels of the ad introducing Google Chrome in the UK (created by BBH-Labs and Glue London) comes this wrap around ad. Released today in the Metro, a UK daily, this 4-page wrap around highlights the 7 features of Chrome viz., speed, stability, security, omnibox, new tab, Incognito and Themes. And in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, the last page highlights the to-do’s:


Interesting to see Google get aggressive on mass media to promote their browser. The last time Google resorted to mass media was to promote Google Apps in the USA, with the ‘Going Google’ proposition. Is it simply a sign of Google’s aggressive intent? Or have they come to believe that to break the inertia of IE users, a lot more than word of mouth & PR is required? In my office for example, I see the tech savvy ones using Chrome, mostly as the second browser. But a vast majority feel safe in the familiar interface of IE.The TV spot and this campaign sure makes Google Chrome look hip, but is it enough to motivate IE users who are habitual users of the browser, to switch?

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