Timberland walks the talk; asks world leaders to lead

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Came across this ad for Timberland in the e-edition of Metro, UK. While cause-related brands are having a field day, thanks to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, nice to see a hard core product related ad tying up with the event. Thankfully, they aren’t simply stopping with a plea of ‘do more, leaders’, but walking the talk.

Timberland 2.jpg

The copy says:

While our government leaders are debating climate change in Copenhagen, we’re actually doing something about it. Our Earthkeepers boots use 42% Green Rubber soles that come from recycled car tyros. And in just three years, we’ve reduced our direct carbon emissions by 27%.

Want to do your part? Tell the word leaders to do more than talk in Copenhagen. Tell them to lead.

Join our call to action at

Agency: Leagas Delaney London, UK

The website, Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done, urges you to sign a petition and has links to other social media sites of the campaign.

More Timberland goodies here.

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