#WishesForBaby: brilliant content for @Fisher-Price

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As ideas go, this definitely is ‘wish I had thought of it’ variety. Here is Fisher-Price, a toy brand creating a film which captures the excitement and anticipation surrounding some of the first babies born around New Year’s day. What an awesome idea! The film showcases real parents hold their babies for the first time and speaking of what they wish for the babies. The idea is definitely touching and the timing is brilliant – we are all in the mood for ‘new beginnings’ still and such a film definitely strikes a chord.

Agency: @WeberShandwick

The film was shot in eight cities: Boston, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Bangladesh, Nairobi and Warsaw and put together in 24 hours. Remarkably it is a traditional PR agency behind this creative idea. Talk about lines blurring. I thought the Bengali translation was a bit off though? Anyway, great start to 2015. It is great to see brand’s creating such content without any obvious ‘sell’ of the brand. The long term benefits of such initiatives are enormous though.

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