JetBlue: the joke’s on the bigwigs

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The sentiment towards fat-cat CEO’s is decidedly hostile in the US. It started off when the head honchos of Big Auto went to ask for a bail out to Washington, for a joint meeting – flying separately in their private jets! The controversy over the bonuses paid to another bail out candidate, AIG hasn’t helped either. In a case of perfect timing, JetBlue and JWT, New York have created a wonderful online campaign pitching the airline as the perfect one for bigwigs, tongue firmly in cheek.

Lines like "JetBlue can get you to many cities where you already own homes or hide money!" and ‘flies to Washington D.C so you won’t be late for the Congressional hearing!’ sting like darts. Parts 2 and 3 of the videos are here. Part 3 is supposedly about a Powerpoint presentation on ‘Leveraging Collaterlaized Debt Obligations’ (Slide 1 of 637) – simply to ward off the riff raff. Hilarious stuff.

It’ amazing how a classily done online campaign propels a brand into the public eye. Remember Blendtec?

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  1. I have got pinned up on my softboard Bhat. Really a wonderful one.Shows how we need to leverage topicality and make our messaging interesting and relevant. Wonder if some great work is happening on the AIG bonus payments.. I am sure that is also around the corner…..

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